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Privacy Policy. Throughout the dance we are fully aware of our responsibilities to the good practices of using personal data.

In compliance with law 34/2002, of 11 July, on services of the Information society and electronic commerce, it is reported that:

Purpose of the website: to provide computer support to advertise and disseminate ideas, projects and activities of their own and third parties.

Our conditions in Privacy Policy.

The present general conditions govern the use (including the mere access) to the Web pages, including the contents and services made available therein. Any person who accesses the Dance World portal (“user”) agrees to submit to the general conditions in force at any time of the portal

This Legal notice (hereinafter, the “Legal notice”) governs the use of the website:


What we expect from our users.

The access and / or use of this website attributes to the person who makes the condition of user, accepting, from this moment, fully and without reservation, the present Legal notice, as well as the particular conditions that, if appropriate, complement it, in relation to Certain services and contents of the Web site.

The user is informed, and accepts, that access to this website does not imply the beginning of a business relationship with Dance World. In this way, the user agrees to use the website, its services and contents without contravening current legislation, good faith and public order.
It is forbidden to use the website for illicit or harmful purposes, or that, in any way, may cause harm or impede the normal functioning of the website. With respect to the contents of this site, it is prohibited:

Its reproduction, distribution or modification, in whole or in part, unless it is authorized by its rightful owner.
Any infringement of the rights of the lender or the rightful owner.

Its use for commercial or advertising purposes without the authorization of its rightful owner.
What information we collect from our users and for what purpose we use it This website has contact forms.

For these cases, this portal always requires the prior consent of users to treat their personal data for the purposes indicated, and with respect to the storage of such data;

it should be noted that their responsibility in some cases corresponds to the Services Providers of mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc).

In the case of users who have mail with their own domain, as is our case, the responsibility for it is transferred to its supplier.

The user has the right to revoke his prior consent at any time when we are the recipients of such communications. If not, they must be referred to the person in each case.


Commitments and obligations with our users.


The access and / or use of this website attributes to the person who makes the condition of user, accepting, from this moment, fully and without reservation, this Legal notice in relation to certain services and contents of the Web site.

In the use of the portal The user agrees not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, interests and rights of World Psychology or third parties or that could damage, disable or overload the portal Or to prevent, in any way, the normal use of the portal.

In any case, Dance World is legally committed to inform its users of any security breach within the legal period established by the RGPD.

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