Who We Are World Psychology

Who We Are. World Psychology is a series ofpublications that presents research papers, scientific articles, essays, reviews and interviews related to the development of the different areas of psychology in the world.


World Psychology is a subsidiary of Society of Investigation in Siclogia for the development of the human being that seeks to foment the investigation and training in the different camps of the Socologia.


The mission of World Psychology is to promote the investigative, theoretical and applied work of psychology around the world through the publication of scientific works by professionals and institutions that wish to promote the study of human beings in society.

For this we offer the community a participatory and pluralistic publication where it is possible to make a real interaction between authors;

and readers thanks to the resources offered by the information and communication technologies.


Editorial Committee.


The Editorial Committee of World Psychology is formed by renowned psychologists of Ibero-America.


Ester Cecilia Acosta Sarmiento – Colombia

Associate Editor.

Charles Algarin – United States